Learn languages in a fun and free way with USU's one-on-one language swap. This free programme puts you in touch with others who want to learn the language you speak and in return you learn theirs. It's a great way learn and also to meet people from other cultures.

You have to be a USU member to sign up but you don't have to be USYD student/staff to become a member of the USU. USU membership is free for USYD students and for non-USYD students membership costs around $25 for a semester, $120 for 3 years or $150 for 4 years. 

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The IFMSA is a student-run organisation which runs medical student exchanges to countries all around the world. 

Medical students can do direct swap exchanges where they travel to each other's countries at the same time, live in each other's accommodation and do a medical student elective / clinical rotation at each of their respective medical schools. It can be a great way to keep things cheap by swapping accommodation and the hosting medical student community gives you automatic friends in the new country. The host can also help to arrange an elective in their home university which would be very difficult to arrange from abroad with no contacts.

Sometimes medical students from all around the world go to a country to be hosted on elective at the same time with a heap of social and cultural activities organised by the hosting students. Others host a student in their home and then have the hospitality repaid later on when they stay in their partner's home whilst on a placement. It is a fantastic opportunity!

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