Underdog's Birthday - 2 years old!

To celebrate our second birthday, Underdog is branching out to create a "headquarters" (TFIQ) in the UK to branch out from our focus on Australia. We're sending our founder to the UK and leaving Underdog Australia in the hands of our co-founder.

In the UK we've been talking to an amazing mentoring programme based in Kent. Hopefully we can partner with the Kent Academies Network (KAN) in a similar way to UTS Humanitarian Mentoring in Sydney and continue to find ways to support mentees.

We've worked hard to create interesting content on this site, including contributions from mentees themselves (see the students' poems in our Writer's Corner). More than this, we want to do things we can point at and say: here's a real example of something we made happen for someone and it helped them. Everything we do is free, get in touch with us! Want to setup Underdog Mentoring in another country and run it yourself? No problem - we're non-hierarchical and we're open to all ideas from mentees! Anyone can be a mentor the Underdog idea isn't owned by any one person. You can take this wherever you want to take it.

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